T-Shirt Ideas

The fund raising committee is working hard on getting various t-shirt designs together and getting them printed/available to each and every one of you!  Please feel free to email Heather Kimber if you have any ideas or if you would like to be part of the committee designing t-shirts!

Current Ideas:

What brings me joy as a NURSE?

Easing your pain.

Providing education.

Wiping away your tears.

Maintaining your modesty.

Helping you through a hard time.

Lending my ear to hear your concerns.

Researching ways to improve your care.

Watching you build your strength back up.

Laughing with you when you need a break.

Holding your hand when you need extra support.

Advocating your desires when you are without a voice.

What brings me joy as a NURSE?

Simply said, being YOUR nurse!