Chapter Awards

Sigma Theta Tau
Eta Kappa Chapter-At-Large
Excellence Awards

Criteria for awards

Excellence in Nursing Leadership:

  • An active member of Eta Kappa Chapter-At-Large
  • Receives local, national and/or international recognition as a nursing leader in education, practice, administration, and/or research
  • Influences leadership in nursing through visionary and innovative approaches to leadership
  • Creates an environment that enhances the image on nursing/nurses
  • Participants in the development of nursing leaders and leadership

Excellence in Nursing Education:

  • An active member of Eta Kappa Chapter-At-Large
  • Demonstrates excellence in teaching
  • Advances the science of nursing through clarifying, refining and/or expanding the knowledge base of nursing
  • Promotes a theory/research base for nursing curricula and nursing practice
  • Influences scholarly development in nursing education, practice, and/or research through teaching
  • Influences the professional practice of nursing and the public’s image of nursing through excellence in teaching

Excellence in Nursing Practice:

  • An active member of Eta Kappa Chapter-At-Large
  • Demonstrates breadth of knowledge in area of clinical nursing practice
  • Develops creative approaches to nursing practice that contribute to quality client care
  • Possesses clinical expertise and attributes of a clinical scholar
  • Advances the scope and practice of nursing
  • Serves as mentor/preceptor that inspire peer’s practice of nursing
  • Influences the practice of nursing through communication
  • Enhances the image of nursing through nursing practice
  • Participates in community affairs, legislation, or organizations that affect nursing practice

Excellence in Nursing Mentorship:

  • An active member of Eta Kappa Chapter-At-Large
  • Actively shapes and promotes the career of a nurse or the development of a chapter
  • Freely shares our own resources for the growth and development of the individual or the chapter
  • Maintains the mentoring relationship over time

Excellence in Nursing Writing:

  • An active member of Eta Kappa Chapter-At-Large
  • Published article in a professional journal or newsletter within the past two years from date of nomination (Multiple authorship also acceptable) OR has a writing prepared for publication
  • The paper/article must be written on a topic directly related to nursing but may have been written for members of other health care disciplines or the general public

Excellence in Nursing Research:

  • An active member of Eta Kappa Chapter-At-Large
  • Conducts distinguished research in nursing
  • Communicates nursing research findings
  • Writes scholarly works related to nursing theory and/or nursing research
  • Gives evidence of a history of nursing research activities
  • Encourages research activities within Sigma Theta Tau, nursing, and/or the public

Excellence in Nursing Service:

  • Active member of Eta Kappa Chapter-at-Large
  • Actively volunteers nursing services to the individual, local and/or global community
  • Promotes health in a variety of settings (i.e. church, club, organization)
  • Encourages fellow nurses to participate in volunteer nursing services
  • Continually seeks ways to identify health needs within his/her community that can be met through volunteer nursing services.

Outstanding New Member:

  • Inducted within the last two years
  • Active participation in a committee, service project, or leadership role in Eta Kappa Chapter-At-Large